Works in Progress
The GodStones

That Which Was Complete
Then Torn Asunder
Must Be Rejoined; The Many Made Two

Twelves Stones of Power
Parts Of A Soul
Two Shall Join Together; The Many Made Whole

These words of the Oracle send Dwynia and Cerigan; warriors from two separate cultures on a joint quest to
save their world. First, they must learn to trust each other and give up the prejudices of many centuries. To save
their world, they may have to sacrifice both of their cultures and their beliefs.

This novel is about 1/2 way through the first draft.

CLICK HERE for a map of and the history of Salamacia the world of The GodStones.
The Stones of the Triad

Power in all the Realms is controlled by the Stones of the Triad. Together they can be used by anyone to gain
absolute power over all planes of existence. The stones were decreed to always be kept separate -- one from the

When one of the stones is stolen from its guardians, the balance of power shifts and Malia, the High Ruler, finds
her throne and her life threatened by one she once called her sister.

This novel is in the early planning stages.
Dragon Swords

Myleran was ruled by the great dragons and legends still speak of the Dragon Knights who served the Dragon
Emperor. It has been centuries since the dragons relinquished their rule to one of the knights and his descendants.

Kelria is the youngest daughter of the man who now rules in the name of the Dragon Emperor and when she and
her companion Rane find a dragon egg, events are set into motion for the return of the Dragons and the
destruction of the humans who trapped them millenia ago.

This novel is in the early planning stages.
The Seals of Magic

Calandra is a world where magic no longer exists. A place where no gods are worshipped and everyone knows
their place.

Saria is minding her own business when the tavern she is in becomes a portal to a realm of magic and several
demons enter. Together with other members of the guard, they force the demons back through and a robed
stranger closes the portal.

The man tells then he is a mage and he is seeking to restore the magic that was once a part of this land. He warns
that if magic is not restored, more and more demons will try to invade and eventually they will be able to destroy
everyone and everything.

Saria agrees to assist the mage, as do a few of the others - though most scoff at the idea of magic.

They learn that there are several "Seals" of magic and each one most be found and broken. The mage tells them
that each one is guarded by creatures that are only considered to be legends, but that together with the little magic
he posses they can restore what was lost.

This novel is in the early planning stages.
Short Stories
Overlord (A Chaos Reigns Story)

Lavial's sister has been named as the Daughter of Chaos - but he also of the same line founded by Thynitic the
Lady of Chaos and feels he should have some power among the Midnight Elves of Rhysia. When he challenges
his sister's position she banishes him and his followers to another plane - from there they find their way to
another world where he uses the arcane and divine magics he controls to establish himself as the Overlord of
Talader and to supplant the local gods with Thynitic.
World of the Firebird

The pending nova of a sun leads to the rebirth of an old religious cult on a planet.
I am Medusa

A modern look at the Medusa Myth and free will.
Touched by WolfSong

The Clan's Elders said she was touched by WolfSong, but all Selaynia knew was that she was only one of her age
mates who had not been chosen by one of the Wolves to be her companion. To make matters worse, because she
had been singled out the Elders would not give their blessing so she could bond with one of the Wolves.
Masquerades of Honor

Commodore Kelli Ramsey has been given command of the CAS Herakles - but finds the former Captain Craig
Leigh has been left on board. Despite his claims that he is only there for a short time, Kelli soon finds that he is
there to investigate allegations she is a Remaristi agent.

Rumors soon start flying around the Herakles and the arrival of the Remasti Ambassador on board brings new

Ramsey finds her own past catching up to her, a past she barely remembers and has worked to keep secret. A
past that may be a greater threat to her than the allegations Leigh wants to prove are true.

This novel is currently in the first draft stage.

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The Unicorn Queen

Legends claim unicorns can only be captured by a maiden or virgin. But, why would unicorns be draw to these
women in the first place? What if they were seeking for a specific person? One who was pure of heart and who
could become the next Unicorn Queen.