Don't Write What You Know;
Write What You Care About --
In today's publishing world an author is expected to be a writer, an editor, a marketing expert, etc. In many cases, all the extra
things that a writer is supposed to be gets in the way of the writing.

Publishers receive so many manuscripts that poor editing can get your great story rejected on the first couple of pages—before the
editor reading it can see how great the story you're telling actually is.
Don't let your great story be rejected due to poor editing.

Typically, a story needs several edits and rewrites before it's ready to be sent to a magazine or publisher. Most of these can be
accomplished by the author and should be. When you finish that first draft of a story—set it aside for a few days or even weeks.
Let the story age a bit—then go back and read it: slowly, carefully. Read for content and grammar. When you are through reading
it—read it again, editing it as you do. Do this several times.

However, there eventually comes a time, when you have to let the story go—only you can know when your story is ready to be
released. Once this decision is made, take another step back and ask yourself if it's possible your story would benefit from another
set of eyes reviewing and editing. After several edits and rewrites, you as the author can be too close to the story to continue
editing and it is even possible to ruin a good story by over-editing or continually rewriting it. This is when you need someone else to
read and edit the story—but you don't want someone who is going to change it from your story into their story. This is the point
when you need a light but professional editorial touch. Someone who is committed to preserving your voice and letting you tell
your story with the best polish possible.

I currently edit stories and books as publisher and editor for
WolfSinger Publications, a book editor for Sky Warrior Books as well
as editor for
The Lorelei Signal and Sorcerous Signals online e-zines, and I would like to be the person to do that final editorial
polish for you.
Editing Rates

Flash Fiction <1000 words --                                            $10.00 flat rate

Short Story - 1000 - 7500 words -- ($0.01/word) --         $37.50 max

Novelette - 7500 - 15,000 words -- ($0.005/word) --       $75.00 max

Novella - 15,000 - 40,000 words -- (0.005/word) --          $150.00 max

Novels - 40,000 - 100,000 words -- ($0.00375/word) --   $300.00 max
      over 100,000 words -- add an additional $0.0001/additional word
For Flash Fiction - please send full payment via the appropriate paypal button below - please include the name of your story with the payment.

For Short Stories, Novelettes, Novellas and Novels - please send the initial payment via the appropriate paypal button below - again please send
the name of your story with the payment. You will receive an invoice for the remaining a
mount due (based on the actual word count given me
by my computer).

Then send your story to me at
Story Title / Last Name
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Novella Edit
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Novel Edit
Please send your file as a Word .doc file. The editing rates are for one full edit of your work. You will receive a Word .doc file with
track changes so you can see what was edited as well as my comments if necessary. The thing to keep in mind is that the story is
yours. If you want me to review the same story after it has been edited and sent back to you, please contact me via email so we
can discuss a possible discounted rate.

When I say one full edit - this may mean I went through the story a couple of times to make sure I caught all of the edits needed.
As each story is different I cannot say exactly how many read throughs your story will receive.

If you are on a deadline please let me know.