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Chaos Bound

Book Five: Chaos Reigns Saga


Chapter One

Thynitic sat on her throne, her hand resting on the arm of the empty one to her left. The sadness in her heart was balanced by the brief bit of triumph she felt in watching the scene in the mirror in front of her. Her Chosen, Torliana, lay on the ground as the group stood there listening to the reborn priest of Hellavar. They had succeeded in more than they knew at this time. Carrinna’s influence had been removed from Thynitic’s citadel. Now, Brular and Torliana would have time to allow the Reshailli binding to be properly completed. Kyrianna’s bond with Tristan was strong, as Frayrith had planned when she joined their souls, but Torliana’s and Brular’s would be stronger. Not strong enough to undo everything that had been changed, but it would help. She had sent Torliana to Shokar specifically to enter the temple of one of the gods of Order. Order was what was needed. However, Carrinna had manipulated and twisted events to the point Torliana had called on the powers of Chaos to destroy Mt. Veri.

Thynitic snatched Brular away from the temple, but the damage to all three of them was already done. Torliana’s passion had been twisted into a need to cause pain to Brular. Carrinna had manipulated everything to suit her personal desires and Thynitic’s own nature had betrayed her. She was the embodiment of Chaos—ever changing and could be changed by the perceptions of her worshippers and other outside influences—like Carrinna’s actions. Still, there was a chance to save what had been damaged and taken from her.

She turned her attention to Kyrianna. The girl had cost her much. Her renunciation had stripped away some of her power, and Carrinna had grabbed it. She sat up straighter and held her hand out as she focused what was left of her power. She couldn’t believe the group had been so foolish as to leave the melted pieces of the amulet in the workshop after they found Torliana. Both the mage and the Grey should have known better. Torliana had been correct it would take much for her to recreate the amulet, but as it was all still together, if only in another form, all she had to do was restore what had already been created. As she concentrated, the various layers of metal slowly reformed in her hand. She watched as the etching wound its way around the amulet with streams of sentryl, platinum and silver filling the crisscrossing layers. When the glittering bloodstones appeared, she closed her hand around the amulet and gathered her magic. When she opened her hand, Thynitic smiled. All that was needed was the girl’s blood to bind her.

“No!” A voice echoed in the large chamber. “You will leave Kyrianna be.”

Thynitic looked up to see another elven woman standing in the center of the room, a bow in her hand. “Frayrith.” She nodded in greeting. “It has been a long time since you last visited my citadel…daughter.”

“That it has. Perhaps too long. If I had visited more frequently things might never have gotten this far out of balance.” She took several steps forward and held out her hand. “And that I do regret.” She paused and shook her head. “I too have been working to restore the balance and you must leave Kyrianna be if she is to properly fulfill her role. If you continue pursuing this need for retribution you risk destroying everything—even yourself.” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “Just as Carrinna intended.”

Frayrith walked slowly up the steps and placed her hand over Thynitic’s. “You need time to rest and recover from what has happened—just as they do.” She closed her fingers around the amulet and lifted it from Thynitic’s hand. “Let go of the need for retribution, she is only following the path we laid out for her. And, she will continue to do so.”

“Your word on it?”

“My word on it. The seeds have been planted; they will bloom properly in time.” Frayrith glanced at the scene on the wall as the group stepped through the portal to Irrmar. “Let them find their happiness and they will help you recover yours.”

Thynitic nodded as she watched Frayrith drop the amulet into one of the pouches on her belt. “Balance must be restored.”

“It will be or none of this will matter.” Frayrith bowed her head slightly then knelt before Thynitic. “Kyrianna will be in the place she needs to be at the appointed time. You have my word on it…mother.”

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